My name is Ninad Thakoor. I am currently a Senior Software Engineer at Cognex corporation. Previously, I was a Project Scientist working with Prof. Bir Bhanu at Center for Research in Intelligent Systems at University of California, Riverside. I earned my doctorate at University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) in Electrical engineering department in December 2009. My Ph.D. advisor was Prof. Jean Gao. I finished MS in Electrical Engineering in summer of 2004 from UTA and BE in the field of Electronics and Telecommunication from VES Institute of technology (VESIT),  University of Mumbai (INDIA) in June 2001.

During my free time, I enjoy nature photography, especially focusing on birds. You can see some of my photos at http://birds.ninadthakoor.com/ which automatically pulls and organizes photos from my Flickr page. I also built responsive tools to find birds that I want to photograph (http://birding.ninadthakoor.com/). This tool pulls data from eBird in real time.


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